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Ghana a Place worth to know and explore

I still remember very well my first arrival in Ghana back in 1994 I made a short trip from Abidjan, where I was working, to spend a weekend. At that time i did not want to missthe opportunity to visit the country of Nkrumah, I did not know yet I was going to spend so much time and years around Africa. My first impression were: This is a very calm and peacdul country with very friendly and devoted people. Since then I have spent several journeys in Ghana being the longest one around 6 months in 97. The place has radically changed since then, a strong economy, 2 democratic transitions from the 2 main parties, and plenty of new economic developments. skycrappers, new roads, new hotels and you still feel the same atmosphere as 15 years ago: peacefull and calm and smiling people. This has not changed. What makes this incredible mix in Ghana?

I believe that the fact to be so much devoted and into prayer help to calm any bad or rough feelings.

Ghana is now one of the best place where you could invest in Africa. A place I strongly recommend. You will be "akwaba" for sure

Ghana a Place worth to know and exploreGhana a Place worth to know and explore
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