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A Nomad discovering a wonderful world

Out of Many, One Nation : JAMAICA

A very genuine & authentic place that can surprise you even more you would have expected.

This is a country, a small country just 2 times smaller than New Jersey and around 3 M people.

Firstly, if you come here is either because you have listen to Bob Marley when you were young and may be hoping to smoke some original ganja now it has been liberalized or you heard about Negril or Montego Bay and enjoy great vacations. Or if you are really lucky you may be do your footing Usian Bolt.

And of course all of this is possible if you did not care at all when you browsed at google: Kingston and saw you were about to visit one of the most dangerous city in the world.

But reality as always is very different. You will discover a country full of energy , good vibes , very friendly Jamaicans, (as long as you do not mess on some place with some people ) and a really beautiful place plenty of great stories Those stories can start with Henry Morgan the most famous pirates that spend long journey at Port Royal, once the biggest city in the Caribean, that disappeared after an earthquake in 1692. Jamaica as it is said "Out of many One Nation " Spanish, British, Chinese, Indians, Africans , Jews and Rastafarian , from the most distant places you will always find someone in this island. Jews who flees Spain because of inquisition found a safe harbor I Jamaica . And an important part of Jamaican have a Jewish heritage.

Now Jamaica has just changed is Goverment switching from left to right.

We decided with my team it was a good timing to portray in HBR and our website what is coming now with the new government.

it was an honor to be received by Prime Minister Andrew Holness to present him our project. A strong personality with a strong vision for his country . A dynamic and young person who I believe and hope will bring more prosperity and a better future for jamaicans .

It was a short stay of just 6 days, so we were happy to be welcome by and Esmun Barlett, Minister of Toutism and Paul Pennycook , MD of Tourism of Jamaica as this is the first industry of Jamaica and represent 30% of GDP. and of course, we were given the best advises to spend the week end.

During my stay, I have come across also wonderful person like Former Amb in Cuba from Jamaica , Elinor Felix who spoke perfect French after studying in Besancon in the 60 when she was a young student probably one of the very first Jamaican student In France . She invited us for a flamenco night at the Spanish residence where I came to meet ambassador of Spain, Amb of the USA and other personalities of Kingston .

And I had also the chance to have dinner with one of our old Nomads who worked at our Madrid offices, Mario Salazar a charming Guatemalean Profesional who is now running the business of Philip Morris in Jamaica.

Finally I decided to visit a little bit more the Island and went to Ocho Rios in the northern area. gorgeous landscape and beaches!

I am sure and we will keep working on it to make another great section for HBR and its extensive web report @ winne.com dedicated to this vibrant , dynamic, surprising and beautiful country called Jamaica, a nation out of many.

PS : Check our interview with PM Holness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9j0G9vtwINg&feature=share

Out of Many, One Nation : JAMAICA
Out of Many, One Nation : JAMAICA Out of Many, One Nation : JAMAICA Out of Many, One Nation : JAMAICA
Out of Many, One Nation : JAMAICA Out of Many, One Nation : JAMAICA
Out of Many, One Nation : JAMAICA Out of Many, One Nation : JAMAICA Out of Many, One Nation : JAMAICA
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