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Why Americans spend more ?

I have just came back from NYC and I realized how easy is to spend your dolar bucks compared to Europe . I thought well how and why is that ? Of course there are many reasons but I think there is a simple one I have never realized before and it is the fact that when you take your dollars it is a little bit like when you are at the casino. It seems you are spending money as you have just tokens that look the same but with different numbers on it.
Dollars are all the same size and the same colors so it makes easier when you have them to spend your bills.
It si not like in europe when you take out your green bill of 100€ , much bigger than the one of 5€ it make you feel that you are really spending something big !
You do not have that feeling in the US . Well why the ECB does not pally the same systems to increase consumption in europe ? This will create jobs and growth

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